Printing Press Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle

Printing Press Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle


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Welcome to the Little Bear Print Factory – a classic printing press that uses moveable-type printing. Just press the handle, and watch the gears set the cute bear in action. During this process, you will see the printing plate flip downward. When contact is made with the printing surface, the LED lights inside the light up bear paws and workshop, signaling the completion of the printing job.

This Classical Printing Press combines exquisite design with practical functionality, offering an enjoyable assembly experience. On the one hand, it features a customizable letterpress plate, allowing you to arrange and print your desired designs for creative projects such as scrap booking, schedules, and to-do lists. On the other hand, it incorporates a self-inking mechanism, ensuring easy re-inking without requiring manual intervention before each use.

Make printing a meaningful experience with the Classic Printing Press, and it’s perfect for unlocking creativity and fun play to your life!


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