Printing Press 3D DIY Wooden Puzzle

Printing Press 3D DIY Wooden Puzzle




Reproduction of the look and use of a vintage 18th-century plate-making press.

DIY typefaces include letters, punctuation, numbers, emoticons, wireframes, face characters, calendar stamps and hundreds of other types. (English version includes all 3 pieces) Users can DIY their own business cards, diary patterns, birthday cards and other greetings.

Press the handle to drive the gear and drive the “cartoon bear” to produce. (Product logic: bear printing factory, arranged a number of dynamic bears in various parts of the machine, through the gear drive, rope pulling, to realize the bears pouring ink, climbing stairs, printing push and other actions)

Placed led lights inside the body, when the user presses the handle in place, the bear claw light and ink tank light glow at the same time, representing successful printing, you can release the handle.

The ink cartridges are water-based ink, which can be purchased and added by yourself. (The product comes with a black ink cartridge in a sealed package)


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